Phish - 1993

Bob Carpenter Center, University of Delaware
Newark, DE, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st show in Delaware and one of only two gigs ever in The First State. Both of these took place at the Carpenter Center, a basketball arena with a capacity of about 4,200. This show took place in a snowstorm, and kicked off with the second David Bowie opener of the tour. After Stash, Page requested on behalf of the building manager that the audience please keep the aisles clear for their own safety. Trey and Page dedicated Lawn Boy to Delaware on their first appearance in the state. Wilson included Random Note secret language. The You Enjoy Myself vocal jam was based on The Lion Sleeps Tonight (aka “Wimoweh”). Lengthwise was introduced by Fish as “a very nice song, a sad lament where I am left naked on the plank…I can get arrested for that these days.” During his vacuum solo, Fish urged the audience to sing-along, which they happily did. Amazing Grace was performed without microphones. Before the show, Trey interviewed with the campus radio station, WVUD 91.3 FM, about “Rift”. After this show was a 366 mile, Valentine’s Day drive to North Carolina.