Phish - 1993

Michigan Theater
Ann Arbor, MI, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was the second show of a 2-night stand and Phish’s last gig at the Michigan Theater. Fee was sung without the megaphone. I Didn’t Know was the “what did you think of last night’s encore” version and, instead of the usual Fish solo, included a discussion at Page’s urging where people reflected upon last night’s encore. Page asked everybody “what was going through your mind at that moment last night?” Trey asked if anybody wanted to come onstage and share their thoughts about last night’s encore experience. Trey and Mike assumed the same uncomfortable positions they were in for the previous night’s Big Black Furry Creature From Mars while members of the audience and crew were invited onstage to share their feelings. “Brad Sands, balloon tech” weighed in that he thought it stunk. Paul, speaking from the front-of-house mix position, said “I was out here last night getting really bored and thinking what a real hardcore punk band would really sound like and I thought it would sound something like this” as he played the Sex Pistols over the P.A. Ever an optimist, Chris Kuroda weighed in from the light board “I Loved It.” Mike explained that he thought they were joking around until he realized it was taking a really long time and it was Trey’s turn to start the verse. Getting to the root of the problem, Page asked Trey “what kind of a leader are you anyway?” Trey admitted it was his screw-up and made a joke about University of Michigan Fab Five’s Chris Webber illlegal time out against UNC in the NCAA finals, saying “I feel like I was in the championship college basketball game with ten seconds left and I called ‘Time Out’…like I really dropped the ball.” The band then finished I Didn’t Know. Trey played acoustic guitar for The Horse, which had a slightly extended intro. Mike’s Song developed into a Low Rider jam before seguing directly into Ya Mar. Amazing Grace was performed without microphones.