Phish - 1993

The Moon
Tallahassee, FL, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st show in Florida. The venue was a nightclub with a capacity of about 1,500. The soundcheck featured the 1st known performance of Guy Forget, a song about a famous French tennis pro that, while soundchecked occasionally, wasn’t played publicly until more than six and a half years later. Soundcheck also yielded the 1st known performance of Nellie Kane (Tim O’Brien cover) – a song that was publicly debuted the following night. The Guelah Papyrus intro included The Simpsons secret language, which prompted Trey to launch into a partial set of Secret Language Instructions, explaining The Simpsons and Random Note secret language to the mostly uninitiated Florida audience. Trey sang the verses of Fee through his megaphone. Before Fish’s trombone solo in I Didn’t Know, Trey introduced him as “The Friar himself, Little Jon Tubbs Goodman”. I Didn’t Know ended with some especially strange vocals that led into David Bowie. During the David Bowie intro Trey again introduced Fish, “The Friar ladies and gentlemen, Little Jon ‘Tubbs’ Fishman.” This rendition of Tweezer was punctuated by some extra screaming by the band and a patient, slow-down jam that slid smoothly into Glide. The You Enjoy Myself vocal jam was based on How Many More Times (Led Zeppelin cover), an A Capella take on Frankenstein and a taste of the Jeopardy! Theme. Amazing Grace was performed without microphones. This was the first show listed in the Mar 93 Phish Update, which stated in part, “This newsletter contains dates for the middle leg of our spring tour. After Seattle, we will head to the Midwest and play extensively there before returning to the Northeast for dates in late April/early May. The tour will run tentatively through May 8th. Expect the final newsletter for this tour to arrive at the beginning of March.”