Phish - 1993

Louise Kuhl Gymsasium, SUNY Geneseo
Geneseo, NY, United States map

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Show Notes

This show took place in Kuhl Gym, a basketball and volleyball gym with a capacity of about 3,000. During Possum, the band teased Yield Not To Temptation. This show featured the thematic combination of It’s Ice > Glide during which Trey and Mike “skated” on the Slide Board Balance Trainer. During Trey’s Fly Famous Mockingbird narration, he told the audience that by using his pedal board, “I can control the different spirit people who are falling down…it’s basically a big Tetris game.” Tetris somehow led to the space shuttle and the Kremlin (“shuttle, Kremlin, shuttle, Kremlin, le, in”). The Kremlin took off and dragged the venue by wires into space where there was a black Rhombus, indicating we landed in GAMEHENDGE, which Trey emitted in a guttural scream. Trey introduced Fish during I Didn’t Know saying “ladies and gentlemen, Henrietta Tubman will now ask the eternal musical question on his Madonna washboard A) will the good Lord save? and B) will I dance on grave?”. Trey interrupted during the “pardon me Doug” section to ask the questions of Fish, which he answered “yes, yes”. This rendition of Golgi Apparatus was especially dynamic with the band alternating between extreme quiet and loud sections. Fee was sung without the megaphone and Carolina was performed with microphones. After this show, the band and crew crossed the border to enjoy a day off in Toronto.