Phish - 1993

Cumberland County Civic Center
Portland, ME, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s second show at the CCCC (their first headliner), a multi-purpose arena with a capacity of 9,150. Tickets were $17.50. Though the roads were clear by this time, it was incredibly cold this day with bone-chilling, sub-zero tempuratures. For the entire 1993 holiday tour the stage was set up as an aquarium, complete with seaweed, rocks, swimming fish and a giant clam. The show-opener, David Bowie, included multiple Dream On and Dave’s Energy Guide jams. Trey’s narration during Fly Famous Mockingbird was about the Civic Center hockey rink breaking apart and floating into the ocean so we could surf on the dissembled planks to Gamehendge. Free Bird was performed with microphones. Trey played The Horse on acoustic guitar. This soaring Slave To The Traffic Light was played in response to a chant from the front row. This show quickly circulated after the band made it available via: tape trees and it quickly became one of the most popularly traded Phish shows of all time.