Phish - 1993

Laguna Seca Raceway
Monterey, CA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was a 1-set show on the second day of “Laguna Seca Daze”, a 2-day, multiple-act festival promoted by Bill Graham Presents.  It is believed that Phish (although listed third-from-last  in the lineup) closed the festival.  The Wailing Souls, Big Head Todd & The Monsters, The Samples, Blues Traveler and 10,000 Maniacs also played.  This was the 1st Silent In The Morning without its acoustic introduction, The Horse (see also 6/23/94, 12/13/99, 9/2/11 and 6/17/12).  Run Like An Antelope included The Simpsons secret language.  I Didn’t Know was dedicated to a guy stuck atop the Ferris Wheel.  The encore, Possum, included a tease of L.A. Woman as the band bid farewell to California.  It is believed that this show was simulcast on FM radio but the station that did the broadcast is unknown.  This was the last Phish show until 7/15/93 Weedsport, New York.  The Apr/May 93 Phish Update read in part: “After May…we will take some time off to practice and write in preparation for our summer tour…We will be touring nationally again, but we won’t be hitting so many markets as we did this spring.  We’ll be trying to play outdoors wherever possible, and we welcome your suggestions for interesting (please be practical) places to play…Preliminary investigation into starting a mail order ticket system indicates that it will probably be a long uphill battle to get such a system happening.  This is not to say that we can’t make it happen eventually, but please be patient – it will definitely take some time.”  in June, Elektra released “Phish: A Sampler” – a promotional compilation sent to radio stations that drew from “Rift”, “A Picture of Nectar”, “Lawn Boy” and “Junta”.  Also in June, Trey, Mike and Jamie Masefield performed an acoustic trio show at Burlington’s Last Elm Cafe’.  In July, Trey participated in the National Guitar Summer Workshop at the Canterbury School of Music and played a fledgling Jazz Mandolin Project show with Jamie Masefield in New York City.  Near the end of July, the crew and band took up residency at Burlington’s Memorial Auditorium for a few days of Tech. Rehearsal before starting their summer tour.