Phish - 1993

Tennessee Theater
Knoxville, TN, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show took place in a historic Spanish-Moorish style theater opened in 1928 as “Knoxville’s Grand Entertainment Palace” which, by the time of this show, had a capacity of 1,500. Trey’s Fly Mockingbird narration involved the building rocking and melting, turning into waves on a boat “bereft of oar” on a river of floodwater that crashed over “the bottomless waterfall”. This, of course, led to the geometrical green plane of Gamehendge, after which Trey emitted a particularly long, guttural scream. Set II began with Maze, which started with a bluegrassy-intro that resembled Fixin’ to Die before settling into its more usual form. This rendition of Bouncing Around The Room had an extended arpeggio outro. It’s Ice featured Trey and Mike “skating” on their Slide Board Balance Trainers. Good Times Bad Times included a tease of Beds are Burning (Midnight Oil cover).