Phish - 1993

Roseland Theater
Portland, OR, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was the second show of a two-night stand at The Roseland and Phish’s fifth and last gig at this venue. The band celebrated April Fool’s Day by spreading the rumor that Neil Young would be sitting in for the show. To help perpetrate the gag, Trey teased Heart of Gold (Neil Young cover) before starting the show with Llama. Before The Squirming Coil, Trey teased Sugar Mountain (Neil Young cover). My Friend My Friend began with Trey on acoustic guitar. Run Like An Antelope included teases of I Feel The Earth Move (Carole King cover) and Barracuda (Heart cover) as the band pushed the gag forward by acknowledging compatriots from the Ancient Forests Benefit earlier that day. Fee was sung without the megaphone. After Big Ball Jam, the crew set up a folding chair, Trey’s acoustic guitar and an extra microphone and Trey introduced Neil Young to a roaring crowd, then went behind the drums and began playing the Hold Your Head Up intro and Fish appeared instead. Returning the favor, some friends sitting in the front row promptly hit Fish in the face with a pie. He then stumbled through a couple verses of the band’s 1st performance of Neil Young’s After The Gold Rush, forgetting the “felt like getting high” verse, which an audience member shouting out. After the Hold Your Head Up outro, Trey said “you guys really fell for that didn’t you” and then proceeded to introduce “Bill Clinton on saxophone” while Page teased Hail To The Chief. After Cavern, which included some evil laughing, Trey said “thanks a lot everybody, it’s been a fun two nights.” Carolina was performed without microphones. The post-show house music played over the P.A. was Neil Young and Crazy Horse’s Welfare Mothers.