Phish - 1993

Bender Arena, American University
Washington, DC, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

Leading up to this show, the band spent September rehearsing for the “Hoist” sessions.  October and November were spent tracking and over-dubbing “Hoist” and December was spent mixing the new album and taking care of some album-related photo shoots.  One night of Tech. Rehearsal preceded this show.  This was Phish’s only show at Bender Arena, a basketball arena with a capacity of 5,200.  This was also the 1st show with mail order tickets or Tapers’ Tickets (tapers’ were the only mail order tickets at this time).  Jim Pollock created a NYE ’93 “Champage de Phish” (aka “Le Phoisson!”) design for holiday tour admat and t-shirts.  All four shows were completely sold out.  This show took place in a serious snow storm that made travel extremely difficult.  For the entire 1993 holiday tour, the stage was set up as an aquarium, complete with seaweed, rocks, swimming fish and a giant clam.  The props were built by Chris McGregor and J.W. Nickel of Rocket Science.  This epic soundcheck featured the 1st known performances of Dream On (Aerosmith cover) and Kashmir (Led Zeppelin cover).  Peaches en Regalia was performed in memory of Frank Zappa, who died on 12/4/93 – the song had not been performed in four and a half years (since 6/23/89).  Split Open and Melt included teases of Peaches En Regalia.  Suzy Greenberg included a Tweezer tease.  Ya Mar included teases of Auld Lang Syne.  Trey sang the verses of Fee through his megaphone.  Possum included a tease of Kashmir.  The beginning of My Friend My Friend was played on acoustic guitar.  Harry Hood included The Simpsons secret language and Memories was performed without microphones.  After this show, the band and crew traveled 350 miles overnight through a snow storm to New Haven, Connecticut.