Phish - 1993

Balch Fieldhouse, University of Colorado
Boulder, CO, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s second and last show at C.U. Field House. Tickets cost $15. The band relearned Halley’s Comet during the soundcheck. Fish wore a tuxedo for this show. Trey sang the verses of Fee through his megaphone. Wilson’s extended intro (which also had a unique haunting melody) and Run Like An Antelope contained The Simpson secret language. Mike’s Song began with Mike’s “this is my song” lyrics as well as some Cilla shout outs. Weekapaug Groove featured teases by Trey of My Girl that erupted into a full-band My Girl jam and eventually a piano breakdown. During Love You, Fish introduced the band and himself “My name is Jonathan Fishman and I’ll be playing the Electrolux 1967 vacuum cleaner.” After Hold Your Head Up, Trey introduced Fish again as Henrietta. After My Sweet One, Trey pointed out Fish’s “new suit.” Amazing Grace was performed without microphones and, before the song, Trey whispered an introduction of “Page McConnell on tuning pipe.” The Big Black Furry Creature From Mars encore included some funny banter and an apology to Paul. Before this show, the band did a meet and greet at Rocky Mountain Records where they picked up a copy of Dark Side Of The Moon so they could learn The Great Gig In The Sky for the next night’s show in Gunnison.