Phish - 1993

Ritz Theatre
Ybor City, Tampa,, FL, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show was listed in the June/July 93 Phish Update and the tour itinerary as being outdoors at Cuban Club Plaza in Tampa. Reportedly it was moved a couple weeks before the show. This was Phish’s second and last show at the Ritz Theatre. Fish was fighting a fever this day and feeling so poorly the band considered cancelling the show, but he perservered and the results were transcendent. The soundcheck featured the return of Slave To The Traffic Light, which had not been played in almost two years (since 10/24/91). After playing it, Fish said of Slave “that was our first damn song.” Guelah Papyrus included The Simpsons language. Although it had been teased and soundchecked in 1993, this was the 1st public performance of Brother in more than a year (since 7/14/92). Bathtub Gin contained teases of Sweet Virginia (Rolling Stones cover) and a 1-4-5 jam that led into Makisupa Policeman. Dog Log was dedicated to Paul and had not been performed publicly in more than two years (since 5/4/91). Continuing a string of bust-outs, La Grange had also not been played for about two and half years (since 3/17/91). Mike’s Song led into a Stranglehold-inspired jam with some screaming from Trey jam until Joe Rooney from the band First Born made an impromptu appearance and improvised vocals with some powerful falsetto screams. Trey recalled in the Phish Book that this was a great gig where “some metal singer” hopped on stage and sang. From that jam arose the 1st public performance of Sparks in almost three years (since 9/13/90). Weekapaug Groove segued fully into the Hold Your Head Up intro, after which Mike teased Moonshadow (Cat Stevens cover) while Trey introduced Fish as “the Master of the Universe…Henrietta, reborn in Vermont”. Fish announced his new vacuum, a 1953 modle Electrolux purchased in Atlanta, the home of Electrolux. Before launching into Bike he said “Don’t try this at home” and between sections of his vacuum solo in Bike, he shouted “Electrolux!” Run LIke An Antelope included a reprise of Makisupa Policeman (with the alternative lyric “Marco Policeman-dolas” instead of Esquandolas) and teases of When The Saints Go Marching In (traditional). Taking advantage of the intimate venue, Amazing Grace was performed without microphones.