Phish - 1993

Stowe Performing Arts Center
Stowe, VT, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st headlining show at Stowe PAC and their second and last performance at this stunning venue with a capacity of 16,000 (but no covering over the audience). This show was played in a total downpour, soaking the band, the stage and especially the audience. Trey delivered the Introduction before Llama, saying “five minutes ago they were talking about cancelling the show for fear that we were going to get electrocuted…but I told them ‘Fuck that, put the plug up my ass and count off Llama!'” The band then proceeded to false start Llama, but eventually got it right and played a great show despite the weather. After Golgi Apparatus, Trey said “thanks everybody, we’ll try to make it a short break so you don’t have to sit in the cold. We’ll be right back…thanks for helping us stop the rain!” Walk Away contained a tease of Alive (Pearl Jam cover). Possum included teases of Tweezer. “Rift” collaborator, Gordon Stone sat in on banjo for the end of set II including Paul And Silas, The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday, Avenu Malkanu and Rocky Top. Free Bird was performed with microphones. After the show, the band and crew traveled 349 miles overnight to Wantagh, New York.