Phish - 1993

Concert Hall
Toronto, ONT, Canada map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s second show at the Concert Hall. The show was listed in the June/July 93 Phish Update and the tour itinerary as an outdoor show at Molson Place, but was reportedly moved at the last minute when the band discovered they couldn’t use their own P.A. there. The soundcheck featured Mike singing parts of Sweet Home Chicago (Robert Johnson cover) during Including Your Own “Hey” and a quick verse of Lola (Ray Davies cover) sung by Trey. Chalk Dust Torture book-ended the 1st known performance of Who Knows Jam in nearly four years (since 10/26/89). Trey sang the verses of Fee through his megaphone. Glide contained The Simpsons, Fall Down, and Random Note secret language. The Divided Sky contained a tease of Nellie Kane. Memories was performed without microphones, making the most of the Masonic Temple’s size and acoustics. You Enjoy Myself included Smoke On The Water teases in the jam and a vocal jam based on Psycho Killer. Crimes Of The Mind featured The Dude of Life on vocals in his song’s 1st full, public performance in almost two years (since 11/8/91). While onstage, The Dude threw rubber chickens into the audience tagged with handwritten messages. According to a report from someone who caught one, it said “some day i’ll have an orgasm so big that…(continued on next chicken)” and was signed by Jon Fishman. After this show, the band and crew had a day off in Toronto before traveling 377 miles over the border to Grand Rapids, Michigan.