Phish - 1993

World Music Theatre
Tinley Park, IL, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st show at this massive Chicago area amphitheater – opened in 1990 with a capacity of 31,083.  Tickets cost $17.50.  The venue (even the pavilion) was not nearly full but those in attendance were treated to another special show in this breakthrough month for Phish.  Trey played The Horse on acoustic guitar.  This rendition of Run LIke An Antelope exploded into a showcase for much of set II, complete with teases of Dixie and the “Rye, Rye Rocco” lyrics sung over the melody of Have Mercy before the song reached its “usual” end nearly a half hour after it started.  Trey paused during Daniel Saw The Stone to provide the score of a pre-season football game “with five minutes left in the third quarter: Cardinals, 3. Chicago, 10.”  You Enjoy Myself featured jams based on at least: Go Speed Racer Go, Smoke on the Water, Kool Thing (Sonic Youth cover) and Mystery Achievement (The Pretenders cover).  This show was remastered and released in April 2002 from the archives on Elektra CD (with filler from 8/11/93 Grand Rapids) as “LivePhish07.”  It was later added to the archival catalog where it is still available as a download.  Some notes “From Mike’s Journal” were included in the CD release, which read in part “there is irony in ‘the concept of the religiosity of each note’: At the same time you have to forget each note and make the overall line, the overall groove, work.”