As all of you know, Coventry will be our last shows and we couldn’t be happier to be playing them in Vermont’s Northeast Kingdom.

Many people consider the Northeast Kingdom to be the “real” Vermont – a region of unspoiled rural beauty and small, tight-knit communities.

There are a few important issues that we wanted to address directly to all of you. First, and most importantly, IF YOU DON’T HAVE A TICKET, PLEASE DON’T COME TO COVENTRY. Second, please carpool – it saves gas, decreases traffic congestion and will allow everyone a little more elbow room in the campground. Third, please make every effort to leave the place spotless. We’ll be providing garbage bags upon entry and throughout the campground, but we ask that you bring your own as well and pack out as much as you can. Much of the campground is on farmland usually reserved for grazing cattle or growing corn. It was extraordinary how clean the grounds were left after Big Cypress, and we’re hoping these campgrounds can be treated with similar care. Last, we ask that you be considerate to the local residents and their property. These folks are welcoming us into their community and putting up with a considerable amount of inconvenience in doing so – please show your thanks by respecting their space.

The Coventry site was chosen and tickets put on sale before our decision and subsequent announcement that the Vermont shows would be our last live performances. As a result, demand for tickets has far exceeded original expectations and the festival has been sold out for weeks. In an effort to make the music available to those of you without tickets, we have made arrangements for various live simulcasts. XM Satellite Radio will not only be carrying the six scheduled sets but also will air The Bunny, Coventry’s own radio station, from 6 am Saturday morning until 6 am Monday morning. We will also be transmitting a High Definition video feed of all six sets to select Regal movie theatres around the country.

Coventry is receiving a great deal of attention in the media already and will receive more as the event draws near. This is our last chance to show the rest of the world what makes the Phish community so unique. We love living in Vermont and plan to do so for many years to come. The greatest gift each of you can give the four of us as we move on to the next phase of our lives would be to do your part to help leave a positive lasting impression with the people of our home state.

Trey, Fish, Mike and Page