Trey to Release ‘SEIS DE MAYO’

TREY ANASTASIO will release “Seis de Mayo”, an album of all-instrumental compositions written and recorded over the past couple of years, on April 6 on Elektra Records

The seven tracks are performed by a variety of ensembles — string quartets, brass quintets, small and full orchestras — and though some of the titles may be familiar to Phish fans, the settings are radically different. The orchestral version of “Guyute”, debuted by the Vermont Youth Orchestra two years ago, is performed on “Seis” by Seattlemusic, a 66-piece orchestra. “Prologue” — previously integrated into Phish’s “Pebbles and Marbles” — performed here as the orchestral miniature Anastasio originally scored in his basement. “The Inlaw Josie Wales”, a solo guitar piece from Farmhouse, has been reconfigured for guitar and string quartet. The introduction to “Discern” has been restored to its intended horn-based format. And “All Things Reconsidered,” first heard on Phish’s “Rift”, is at last a fugue for string quartet. In addition, “Andre the Giant” opens the album with Trey on guitar, Mike Gordon on bass, performing with musicians playing the djembe and balifon, an African gourd instrument that sounds something like a marimba. “Coming To” is an orchestral Dixieland fantasio for horns and strings.

The album will be available for pre-order the beginning of March.