Phish - 1984

Garage of 69 Grant Street
Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

After rehearsing in September and October, this was the band’s 3rd gig and their 1st show billed as Phish.  This show also spawned the first Phish poster used to advertise a gig – ”Reunion Party” (Have a Heart, Give Us a Hand). This was also the 1st Makisupa Policeman played.  While it’s possible this date isn’t accurate (ie: could be the date of a journal entry from some days earlier or later), on 10/23/04 Mike stated that it is the real date and recalled that the band played in the garage, using a “borrowed”, self-operated 12-light mechanism with an on on/off switch, and that they played a notable version of Makisupa Policeman. Makisupa, while listed here in set I may have been during any set. The rest of the setlist is unknown.