Phish - 1986

Quarry Hill Creative Center (aka Sex Farm)
Rochester, VT, United States

Show Notes

The setlist of this show is unknown but it is believed to have taken place at Quarry Hill Creative Center, Vermont’s oldest alternative living community, founded in 1946 by Irving and Barbara Hall Fiske. An excerpt from a 1992 interview that was later reprinted in a Digest contained Trey’s statement that this was the band’s strangest gig “at this sex commune…run by this old guy named Irving. They were a bunch of old hippies with gardens and kids running around everywhere, and they intermingled their lovemaking. They had a schedule where every night they switched partners. Irving showed up at the gig with a beautiful young woman on each arm. He was the schedule maker. They cooked us an incredible meal, too.” Quarry Hill’s motto was “To enjoy life and appreciate beauty and the esthetic of the creative person; to support and protect children from abuse and neglect; not to hunt or fish or kill animals.”