Phish - 1986

Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This show, known as Hunt’s Festival Of Fools, was presented by the Moodsters. Admission was $2. The Joneses also played, switching off sets so the lineup went Phish, The Joneses, Phish, The Joneses. Pendulum featured Zenzile on vocals. This show yielded the 1st known performances of AC/DC Bag, Have Mercy (The Mighty Diamonds cover) and Icculus and the 1st and only known performances of Help On The Way and Slipknot! (Grateful Dead covers) as well as Not Fade Away (Buddy Holly cover). After Dave’s Energy Guide, Trey announced they were “The Bob Dylan Band”. McGrupp was narrated rather than sung. Alumni Blues > Letter To Jimmy Page > Alumni Blues included special guest Jim Tasse from The Joneses. The Encore, Not Fade Away, integrated members of The Joneses in a “Monsters Of Guitar Jam” featuring all the Joneses guitarists (Jim Tasse, Tim “TJ” Johnston and John Carlin) plus Mark Jensen on percussion.