Phish - 1986

outside Bailey Howe Library on the Green, UVM
Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This show was an Earth Day Concert at UVM dated 4/25/86 by Burlington Free Press.  The setlist is exactly the same as 4/15/86 so one date (or at least one setlist) is incorrect.  Del Martin’s tape list calls this 4/29/86 while other setlists including fan sources and Amy Skelton’s list 4/15/86 but those are presumed mislabel/typos and the 4/25/86 date listed in BFP is adopted.  Before AC/DC Bag, Trey introduced his dad (“all the way from NJ”).  This show featured the 1st and only known Phish performance of All Blues (Miles Davis cover) surrounded by Trey’s banter about The Bob Dylan band.  Dog Log was dedicated to all the dogs at the show including “Marley The Wonder Dog”.  Anarchy was dedicated to Jim Tasse (Jones) who was leaving to play with The Joneses and Sierra at Slade Hall.  Anarchy was performed three times at this show – first with the usual “Anarchy” lyric, then as “Jim Tasse” and finally as “Nazi Trustees” and “Killer African Bees”.  Camel Walk was introduced as a disco song (imagine the disco ball).  Also, according to Garrett Mead, Paul Paul the Banjo Man played two of his tunes solo:  Rutabega Boogie and Life Gets Tedious.  According to a recording circulated among fans, Trey’s father, Ernie Anastasio opened for Phish on banjo or ukelele with Trey performing 2 songs – Rutabega Boogie and Life Gets Tedious.  This information does not match Garrett’s recollection of Paul Paul The Banjo Man and is considered legend until confirmed.  The 4/25/86 Burlington Free Press read “Earth Day, a celebration of music, dance and informative talks in honor of the Earth, on the Green next to Bailey Howe Library, UVM.  Sponsored by Slade Hall, the Environmental House, UVM.  Enjoy Up the Creek, Phish, Louie Bickford and Diane Ziegler, a Greenpeace representative and an Abenacki Indian Story Teller.”