Phish - 1987

Sculpture Building, Goddard College
Plainfield, VT, United States map

Set List

Set I

Set II

Show Notes

This was Phish’s third scheduled Goddard Halloween celebration. It was billed as “Your Local Underground Movement presents Sir Phillip S. Dark’s Supernatural Circus, featuring: the Joneses and Phish”. The Jam > Whipping Post set I opener was performed by half of Phish and half of The Joneses. After Whipping Post, Trey introduced the band as Mr. Mike Gordon, Moses DeWitt, Moses Heaps (drums) and Moses Brown (on sound). The Jam included teases of Low Rider near the end. Fish and The Joneses guitarist John Carlin were both “missing” from the beginning of this show. Fish eventually showed up after Light Up Or Leave Me Alone – “Happy Halloween!” – shaved and painted multicolor from head-to-toe and wearing elephant ears (a bra turned inside out) with his penis painted grey. Halley’s Comet included Richard “Nancy” Wright on vocals. This show featured the 1st known performance of Love You (Syd Barrett cover). Del Martin recorded this show as part of his work for Phish.