Phish - 1987

The Ranch
Shelburne, VT, United States map

Set List

Set I

Set II

Show Notes

This show was performed outside under a tent at Eric Larson’s house and included sets by The Joneses and possibly Mental Floss. The party corresponded with UVM/Goddard graduation week and specifically Mike’s graduation from UVM. This portion of the show is part of a commonly circulated video showing the band with long hair and tie-dyed backdrops surrounded by their college friends. Rob Dasaro from The Joneses ran around the rooftop during Run Like An Antelope. The Chase > Lushington has been characterized by some as a Lushington tease infused with The Chase. Alumni Blues ended in a group rave-up featuring members of The Joneses and Mental Floss: Jeff, Bill, TJ, two drummers, Mark Jensen on percussion and Peter Danforth on saxophone. Del Martin recorded this show as part of his work for Phish but his master cassettes have never been heard so it’s possible (probable for set II, which lists only Fire) that this setlist is incomplete.