Phish - 1985

Wing/Davis/Wilks Dormitory, University of Vermont Redstone Campus
Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

Set I

Set II



Show Notes

This was Phish’s 22nd known show. After the Big Leg Emma Intro, Trey announced that “our friend Page from Goddard will sit in later”. Trey dedicated Wild Child to his roommate, Bob. The Jam into Cities was very David Bowie-esque. Bring It On Home featured Lighting Director Tim Rogers (aka Bobby Brown) on harmonica. McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters was dedicated by Trey to Fish’s dad, Dr. Fishman. All of set III featured Page McConnell on keyboards (Fender Rhodes) in his 1st public appearance with Phish. It’s possible that this show was just two sets split onto 3 master cassette tapes. This show featured the 1st and only known performance of Bring It On Home (Sonny Boy Willamson cover) and the 1st and only confirmed public performance of The Other One (Grateful Dead cover). This was the band’s fourth known show on campus at UVM.