Phish - 1985

Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

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Show Notes

This was Phish’s 16th known show – a Benefit for Tools for Peace and Justice in Central America. This setlist came from tapes that bear the note “Labrusciano last show”. After Wild Child,Trey mentioned being out of tune on “his new toy built by the proud people at Time Guitars”. This show featured the 1st known public performances of I Am Hydrogen, Oddgrass (likely Back Porch Boogie a/k/a Bluegrass or Creek Jam), Big Leg Emma (Frank Zappa cover), Dave’s Energy Guide, Revolution, I Wish (Stevie Wonder cover), McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters and Quinn The Eskimo (Bob Dylan cover). If the 2/1/85 setlist is misdated, then this show also featured the 1st known public performance of Letter To Jimmy Page and Run Like An Antelope. Mike’s Song included a vocal section at the end with lyrics something to the effect of “life is not what it seems”. After Dave’s Energy Guide, the band called it “a modern composition”. Revolution was dedicated to Anne Labrusciano and Trey explained it used to be entitled “Leunig’s Sucks” but now it’s entitled “Revolution”. After Revolution, Trey said “since you guys reacted so well to that one we’re going to do our other punk song, Anarchy.” Run Like An Antelope was introduced by Trey as “Run Like An Antelope Out Of Control”. McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters was narrated rather than sung. Anne Labrusciano spun records on turntables during the setbreak(s). Finbar’s was on Main Street at Church St in a space currently occupied by Manhattan Pizza. Around this time, Brian Long hooked Mike up with Ricky Puffer. Ricky connected Mike with Page who was putting on Goddard SpringFest. As a result, Page would eventually sit in with Phish at UVM (on 5/3/85).