Phish - 1985

Slade Hall, Redstone Campus, UVM
Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

Set I

Set II


Show Notes

This was Page’s second full show (and his first complete live gig) as a member of Phish.  This setlist is likely incomplete based on song/tape side cuts and may have been two sets rather than three.  Apparently Trey and Jeff Holdsworth lived at Slade during Fall 1985.  Admission was $1.50 at the door.  This show featured the 1st known public performances of Low Rider Jam, played as sort of a soundcheck before the show, Possum, Melt The Guns (XTC cover), T.V. Theme (AKA Star Trek Jam), Sex Mob and Dead Cops.  Sex Mob and Dead Cops were (1-time) variations on Anarchy and Revolution.  Trey introduced Possum as a new original, “Oh, Possum” and Prep School Hippie as a new original, “Trust Fund Baby”, noting that it had been on the radio last night (9/26/85).  Trey also introduced McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters, jokingly calling it “Love The One You’re With” before giving its full title.  The segue between McGrupp and Cities included a jam that foreshadowed the ending of what would become David Bowie.  During Melt The Guns, the band handed out cheap, grocery store brand boxes of macaroni and cheese to the audience of 40 or so people to create the 1st the Mac and Cheese Jam, which started before and continued throughout Melt The Guns > T.V. Theme as well as Sneakin’ Sally.  Makisupa Policeman featured some “weird piano” by Page and ultimately fades out on the master tapes so it is possible set III continued beyond this list.  This was the band’s seventh known performance on campus at UVM.