Phish - 1985

Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

Set I

Show Notes

This show was part of New Music Night at Hunt’s.  Oblique Wave also played.  This show featured the 1st known performances of Harry Hood.  During the Introduction of the band that preceded Harry Hood, Trey said “We hope you’re ready to dance”. He explained that this was the story of the man who lives across the street, Harry Hood. It is the story of him going to the beaches of Greece, which he explained came about when his friend Brian put a carton of Hood milk in the refrigerator and said HARRY…HARRY…”.  As the song ended, somebody (maybe Fish) said that they’re going to get Hood to sponsor them someday.  During Possum, Fish made some reference to the television show “BJ and the Bear”.  Before Slave To The Traffic Light, Trey thanked anybody who was at Goddard last week and dedicated the song to a friend of his named Brickle (?).  While the band was tuning before I Wish, Trey announced they were going to play a dance song – a Stevie Wonder cover.  Fish quipped that “hippies have a right to dance too.”  This was the 1st and only known Revival (Dickie Betts cover) played by Phish.  Before Prep School Hippie, someone (likely Fish) said they called themselves Phish for no good reason.  He asked the crowd to give them “a good reason to call themselves Phish”.