Phish - 1988

Molly’s Cafe’
Alston, MA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

Phish returned to Molly’s for their second show in less than a month in the midst of studio sessions for “Junta” at Euphoria Studios in Revere, MA. The band was introduced before The Sloth “please welcome all the way from Burlington, VT to make their second Boston appearance, Phish”. This show marked what is now known to be the band’s fifth anniversary although there is no evidence that the occasion was acknowledged at the time. Before Contact, Trey thanked Celia “for cooking us an amazing dinner at our home away from home here in Boston”. Before You Enjoy Myself, Trey said “this song is called You Enjoy Myself and we hope that you enjoy yourself during the song.” Before I Didn’t Know, Trey readied the crowd for Fish aka Moses’ impending trombone solo by announcing it was “time to feature our multi-instrumentalist and a reallly neat guy at that”. Another introduction was made at the beginning of set II before Alumni Blues where the emcee urged fans to go see Paul at the soundboard to “give him your measurements” for a Phish t-shirt. Before The Lizards, Trey sent the song out to Celia, “The Helping Friendly Cook #2” referring to it’s title as “Where Have All The Lizards Gone”. Trey also wished Charlie a happy 21st birthday and urged fans to do the same by buying him drinks. The David Bowie intro included a variety of shoutouts to Charlie and Wilson-esque “Charlie, Charlie, Charlie” chanting as well as a quick run-through of the Charlie perfume ad popular at the time. The band went on to substitute “Charlie’s Birthday” lyrics for the “David Bowie” chorus. After David Bowie, Trey said “don’t thank us, thank Charlie”. Before Dinner And A Movie, Trey continued the ribbing…”make no mistakes, this next song is not for Charlie.” Colonel Forbin’s Ascent was played by request for an audience member. Del Martin recorded this show as part of his work for Phish, but the archives masters came from Joe Tonetti.