Phish - 1988

Goddard SpringFest, Goddard College
Plainfield, VT, United States map

Set List

Set I

Show Notes

This was Phish’s fourth and final Goddard SpringFest appearance. Fire was dedicated to Bobby Brown. Special guest Richard “Nancy” Wright joined the band on drums and vocals for I Didn’t Know and vocals for Halley’s Comet. After Light Up, Trey introduced his dog Marley, whom he sang to during You Enjoy Myself. Trey dedicated Big Black Furry Creature From Mars to Steely Dan’s Donald Fagen and Walter Becker. Jesus Just Left Chicago featured Lighting Director Tim Rogers (aka “Bobby Brown”) on harmonica and (three-year-old) Cameron McKinney on guitar ie: after the song, Trey announced “Bobby Brown…and Cameron McKinney on lead guitar”. Before Fluffhead, Trey introduced “Mrs. Fishman, Fish’s new drum stool”. Hold Your Head Up was teased before Take The ‘A’ Train, which included Carl Boyle on saxophone.