Phish - 1988

Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was the first show of a 3-night stand. The Curtain With was preceded by Trey’s first comments of the night about their friend Art Funk (Tom Marshall), who came up with the name The Curtain. He said The Curtain always begins with two deep breaths through the nose. After The Curtain With, there was a jazzy nasal breathing exercise while Trey hyped the dance contest coming up in set II and joked about Art Funk and Foul, Reek and Fecal (the members of Ninja Custodian) who played Nectar’s the night before. Before Golgi Apparatus, the band teased Hold Your Head Up in response to requests for Argent. Golgi was dedicated to Art Funk and Foul “of the famous band Foul, Reek and Fecal”. This show marked the 1st known performance of Iron Man (Black Sabbath cover), which was played/teased by request. Big Black Furry Creature From Mars contained teases of The Flinstones Theme and Mary Had a Little Lamb. The You Enjoy Myself vocal jam included When The Levee Breaks teases. Creature and Swing Low featured a dance contest, hyped by Trey throughout the show and judged by Tim “The Bard of Wheatfields” Rogers. After Swing Low Sweet Charlot, prizes were awarded to dance contest winners Mike “Spunky “Billington (aka Ninja Mike) and Magoo from Ninja Custodian, who received the grand prize of Phish T-Shirts and a $20 bill.