Phish - 1988

Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show, which took place on the Day Out Of Time (elucidated around this time by Professor José Argüelles), was the second show of a scheduled 3-night stand at Nectar’s. However, so Phish could depart for Colorado, Ninja Custodian covered the third show – Tuesday 7/26/88. Big Black Furry Creature From Mars included teases of The Flintstones Theme. Sanity and Icculus from Phil Fernandez’s cassette masters were used as bonus tracks on the CD release of “Junta”. The band referred to Icculus as being written by Jimmy Buffett. This setlist is incomplete and was based on the only known cassette master, which contains set III only. While some fan sources repeat part of 7/24/88 end II and beginning of III as set II, set I and set II are unknown. This was Phish’s last show before leaving for their 1st Colorado trip. Note that Trey’s commentary before The Curtain on 7/23/88 indicated that Ninja Custodian would cover this gig for Phish too, but it is believed that this show happened, the band for departed Vermont in the Love Van as soon as this show ended and Ninja covered just Tuesday 7/26/88.