Phish - 1988

Vermont Farm Festival, Beecher Hill Farm
Hinesburg, VT, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show was part of the Vermont Farm Festival. This was apparently Ian McLean’s party (Ian lived on Beecher Hill Road at the time, but not on the farm). Before Golgi Apparatus, the band paused to work on the monitor mix with Hamdi Akar (who was also the bassist for Ninja Custodian). After Golgi, Mike announced a five minute break “while we re-gas the generator”. Fish was introduced as “Moses Brown, Moses Heaps and Moses DeWitt.” Hold Your Head Up was dedicated to Steve Drebber, who was probably the person in the crowd shouting for Argent. Steve joined the band for backing vocals on Icculus. Before Harpua the band joked about “The Beverly Hillbillies” before the usual “as with all good stories, this story begins with an Oom Pah Pah” introduction. During Harpua, Trey introduced Page as “Richard ‘Groove’ Holmes on the organ”.