Phish - 1988

Peter Danforth’s House, Beartown Road
Underhill, VT, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show was a party at Peter Danforth’s House called “Pete’s Fabulous Phish Phest.” The soundcheck may have taken place in front of the audience. Before Walk Away, there were some funny band comments “hang you” “who wants to rock n’ roll” (roll a rock)? This show featured the 1st known performances of Blue Bossa (Kenny Dorham cover) and No Dogs Allowed, which was dedicated to Marley. No Dogs Allowed at this time contained part of what is now Divided Sky, all of which was considered “No Dogs Allowed” at the time. Page teased Fly Famous Mockingbird during The Lizards. Fire included guest vocals by Cameron McKinney and guest saxophone by Peter Danforth. During a long tune-up before The Curtain With, Trey mentioned the show the following night (Sunday 7/24/88) and then announced the band would be leaving Monday (7/25/88) to tour Colorado and that Ninja Custodian, not Phish, would play 7/25 and 7/26/88 at Nectar’s. Slave To The Traffic Light included Peter Danforth on saxophone. Satin Doll and Blue Bossa featured Peter Danforth, Vincent (from Switzerland) on trumpet and, by some reports, Dave “The Truth” Grippo on saxophone. During Terrapin, Trey had Fish model his dress for the crowd. This show marked the 1st known performance of Weekapaug Groove, No Dogs Allowed and Walk Away (Joe Walsh cover). After Weekapaug Groove, Fish teased Peaches en Regalia on the drums. The analog masters for this show take up three and a half cassettes making it one of the longest shows in Phish history. Some circulating sources show a different set II order and some include Peaches en Regalia. This list came from the archives masters.