Phish - 1989

115 Commons, Living and Learning Center, University of Vermont
Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s second and last confirmed show at the UVM Living and Learning Center. It was an all ages, 2-set, alcohol free (flyer said “No Booze!)” show sponsored by the S.A. Senate with a $5 cover charge. Del Martin recorded the show as part of his work for Phish, but his tapes are not in the archives. This setlist was adopted from John “Nutsy” Notte’s end set I/set II tape, which was provided by Phil Fernandez. The tape begins in progress at the end of set I with the very end of David Bowie, after which Trey said “we’re going to take a quick break, thank you.” The band returned for set II with a brief tease of Dazed And Confused before opening set II with Funky Bitch. This show featured the 1st known performance of The Mango Song. Before starting The Mango Song, Trey sang a little “it’s our new number” ditty and called it “our newest number”. Trey announced “Fish will be utilizing his new wood blocks on this next number” Trey then had Fish play a cover song on his new temple blocks. After a name that tune contest, the winner of which (jokingly) won a date with Fish, Trey explained that there was a special dance for this new song with the head kept still while moving the hips. Trey then introduced Paul Languedoc and said the band was “onto him” and had figured out that he purposely puts feedback in the mix and then takes it out “so we’ll think he’s a great sound man”. The band then played the song. Split Open And Melt was called “our second newest song, for those who care.” This rendition of Split Open And Melt included a drum solo. Fluffhead went into a little jam during which Trey thanked everybody for coming to the VPIRG Benefit, reminded them of the 4/15/89 benefit (“next week”?) and the Rock Rumble. He also mentioned Johnny B. Fishman Jazz Ensemble with special guest Russell Remington was playing every Monday night at Noonies. The funk/thanks jam segued into Good Times Bad Times. It is worth noting that some fan reports list a different credible-if-partial setlist dated 3/16/89 and others what appear to be a Living Room setlist for 3/3/89. Due to conflicts with the info. on the tape in the archives, those lists and reports were not adopted as part of this show. It is likely there was a third Living and Learning Center show on 3/16/89, which would explain the incongruity. To further complicate matters this setlist for set II, taken from John “Nutsy” Notte’s tape, matches Nutsy’s tape labeled 4/15/89. The (or at least a) VPIRG Benefit is believed to have taken place on 4/15/89), further adding to the mystery of what happened this day. Both shows are believed to have occurred, so both were retained in the database despite the duplicate setlist and conflicting info. Any information about this show is appreciated.