Phish - 1989

The Living Room
Providence, RI, United States map

Set List

set I

set II

Show Notes

The setlist for this, Phish’s third show at The Living Room, is likely incomplete and may be out of order. What is listed here was derived from a partial recording of the monitor mix. The recording began with Weekapaug Groove, which seemed to end a set. Fish teased the Peaches en Regalia drum intro after David Bowie and You Enjoy Myself. Makisupa Policeman keywords were Dioxin/Gaddafi. After YEM, Fish talked about playing the trombone. The show was dated based on the in-house monitor engineer’s recollection that this was a Max Creek gig that Phish covered. A flyer for this show read “Phlip! Phlop! Max Creek will not play Wednesday Aug. 23rd. Phish will play instead! Max Creek will play Thurs. Aug. 24th.”