Phish - 1989

The Front
Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

Set I

Set II

Show Notes

This was the third show of a 3-night stand and the release party for the original “Junta” cassette with Fish on the cover. Chris Kuroda and Kiki Colgan stuffed J-card labels into cassettes all afternoon to prepare for the onsale. This show featured the 1st and only known performances of If I Don’t Be There By Morning (Bob Dylan cover), Nowhere Fast (Eyeburn cover) and I’ve Turned Bad (Eyeburn cover). Wilson began with cymbal bell rolls by Fish and Trey responding “Who is it?”. Ya Mar began with Trey saying “let’s take it to The Bahamas” and included alternate lyrics about “a CRX” and Mike’s “great great great great grandpa”. Before Weekapaug Groove, Trey said “let’s take it away from The Bahamas and take it to Rhode Island!” Before The Sloth, Mike pointed out that “for those of you who don’t know it, Junta has no meaning…in Nicaragua.” The band started set II with announcements about the Junta tape release “this next song is from our 1st album” and birthday wishes to Mike and Chris. You Enjoy Myself ended with a Fish bass drum solo that Trey announced before starting La Grange. Fish played a trombone solo during the first half of I Didn’t Know. Nowhere Fast and I’ve Turned Bad both included guest vocalists Sofi Dillof and Joe – from local band Eyeburn – at Fish’s request. The Lizards was played as a dedication to Chris Shreen (sic). This Harpua narration was the “twice shot ass” version and included full-band teases of Gimme Some Lovin’.