Phish - 1989

Les Foufounes Electriques
Montreal, QB, Canada map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s 1st appearance in Canada and their 1st gig outside the United States. It was a 1-set show that took place during (though not as a part of) Montreal International Jazz Festival. Les Foufounes is about a block from the festival site so it ran its own “Foufounes Electriques Jazz Fest.” The show began with Trey saying (to people in the balcony) “Hi how are you all doing up there? We’re Phish from Burlington, Ontario.” Before Donna Lee, Trey said “we can’t resist doing at least one straight-ahead jazz tune since this is the jazz fest…so this is a Charlie Parker tune.” Between The Divided Sky and The Lizards, Trey explained that the band is from Burlington, Ontario “out near Gamehendge” and asked “how many Gamehendgians are here?”. After David Bowie, he introduced the band, calling Fish Moses Brown, Moses Heaps, Moses DeWitt and just plain Moses. Fish played a vacuum solo during Bike and a trombone solo during I Didn’t Know. After I Didn’t Know, the audience pounded on the floor and tables as the club played a little house music on the venue P.A. (an Immigrant Song remix). Mike thanked the crowd again, said “we might be able to do one more” and the band launched into the second Encore, Fluffhead.