Phish - 1989

Universal Joint (Pearl Street Ballroom basement)
Northampton, MA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s second show at the Universal Joint or “U-Joint” (aka 10 Below), located in the basement of Pearl Street at 10 Pearl Street in Northampton. It was an all ages show and tickets cost $6 with a $2 surcharge for those under 21. The audio was recorded by John Paluska and set II was video taped by a random French guy off the street named René, who approached the band before the show. Trey delivered a Gamehendge narration before and after Icculus. Before the encore was a short presentation of Page’s new haircut (with drums) and Trey’s congratulations to Jim upon completion of his thesis on the Categorization of Sound. Mike announced Contact as being “by Aerosmith” and “a song”.  During Contact, Trey and Mike jumped on mini-trampolines in addition to the traditional band/audience arm waving. After Contact, Trey said “we hope that all your tires take you back to your abode tonight (safely).”