Phish - 1989

The Front
Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was the opening show of a 3-night stand at The Front.  Fly Famous Mockingbird included a tease of the Jeopardy! Theme.  Reba was the original arrangement with the extended “bag it, tag it” refrain.  Dave “The Truth” Grippo and Russell Remington sat in on saxophone for all of set II.  During a big trombone solo by Fish in I Didn’t Know, Trey remarked “Oh brother he sure can play that thing.”  Split Open And Melt was aborted and restarted due to a missed lighting cue that Trey brought up a few times during the gig.  Harry Hood included a tease of The Odd Couple Theme.  This was the1st known performance of In A Hole, complete with a Close Encounters of the Third Kind tease.  After the debut of In A Hole, Trey introduced the horns and mentioned that Jonny B. Fishman Jazz Ensemble would be moving their regular Tuesday night gig from Noonie’s to Radisson Vision.  Run Like An Antelope began with an Old McDonald Had A Farm tease by Grippo and also included some teases of The Benny Hill Theme aka Yakety Sax (James Q. Rich cover).  No Dogs Allowed was dedicated to Dave and was played for the first time in over a year (since 8/4/88).  Note that circulating setlists have managed to jumble the order of this show.  What is listed here is believed to be the correct list and order from the tapes in the archives.