Phish - 1989

The Front
Burlington, VT, United States map

Set List

Set I

Show Notes

This show was billed as “A Rock Rumble With 5 Bands”. Phish is believed to have played one set. The entire Rock Rumble took place over 4/20, 4/21 and 4/22/89 but Phish only played on 4/21 and again on 4/22 with the finalists. It is possible these songs and notes belong to 4/22. During I Didn’t Know, Fish was lowered from the rafters totally naked for an attempted vacuum solo. When he realized the vacuum wasn’t plugged in or otherwise lacked power, he blew his usual trombone solo instead. Phish won the Rumble and used the studio time to record Split Open And Melt and Bathtub Gin. This setlist is surely incomplete as Mike’s notes recall jamming “loud and hard”. However, the rest of Phish’s setlist is unknown. Other bands that played included: Gidget & Ghandi, Sundog, Fortune Tellers, Peg Tassey, Jambalaya, Dark Hallow, the Hollywood Indians, The Cuts, Tom & Terry, The Switch and The Boppers. WIZN Disc Jockey Mike Luoma was a judge. Arty Lavigne (also from WIZN) was emcee and he reportedly read an introduction provided by the band. The Rumble was sponsored by The Front, Advance Music, Archer Studios and WIZN.