Phish - 1989

Valley Club Cafe'
Rutland, VT, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was the band’s second and last show at the Valley Club. Before Sanity, which was the fast version, the band teased Camel Walk. Richard “Nancy” Wright joined the band on vocals for Halley’s Comet. David Bowie was called “Lazy Lester” and contained an alternate chorus “Lazy Lester” based on a Lazy Lester flyer that hung on the wall near the stage for a gig the following Thursday. This show featured the 1st known public performance of Bathtub Gin (the latter of which was recorded earlier in the month using prize money from The Rock Rumble). The Practical Song was labeled “Shortage” on some tapes. Before Run Like An Antelope, Trey compared the song to his lifelong dream of playing pro hockey and dedicated it to “all you pro hockey players in the world.” Molly gave Trey her hat , which he wore during Possum while he improvised some special vocals for her.