Phish - 1989

Syracuse, NY, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show is something of an enigma due in part to the inclusion of Buried Alive and The Asse Festival – two songs that seem to be a year or more before their time. However, the date and venue were confirmed by Mike’s notes which mentioned this being a “biker bar” and, while it seems implausible, the available setlist doesn’t match any other known gig. If correct, this would be Phish’s 1st show in Fish’s hometown of Syracuse as well as the 1st known performances of Buried Alive and The Asse Festival. The Bike opener included a trombone solo by Fish. This set I setlist has also circulated mislabeled as “Copperfield, VT 6/19/87”. Assuming any of this data properly belongs with this show date and venue, the setlist for set II is unknown.