Phish - 1989

Townshend Family Park
Townshend, VT, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show, billed as ”Summer’s ONLY Outdoor Show”, was an all-ages event.  The gates opened at noon and coolers and camping were allowed.  Harry Hood included some teases by Page of The Odd Couple theme.  The band, accompanied by the audience, whistled the Andy Griffith Theme aka The Fishin’ Hole to open set II.  Mike introduced Slave To The Traffic Light as a song written by Pete Rose.  David Bowie included teases of McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters and Fluffhead.  Avenu Malkanu was introduced by Trey as being written by Pete Rose and God.  Run Like An Antelope included teases of Paint It Black (Rolling Stones cover) and some funny dialogue when Trey said “we’d like to welcome Marco Esquandolas” and Fish replied “Si” before playing a trumpet solo and deftly sliding back behind the drum kit.  Combining master tapes from John Paluska and Phil Fernandez, this show was released in April 2002 from the archives on Elektra CD and download as “LivePhish09.”  Wilson was not included  on the release as it is unfortunately incomplete on the soundboard masters.  According to legend, Fish received a speeding ticket enroute to this show and arrived late because of it.