Phish - 1989

Orange Grove
Syracuse, NY, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show, which took place at a Syracuse restaurant/bar, caused Mike to joke about “breaking the door with his nose”. His notes went on to (presumably) joke about “playing for the door”. Throughout the show, Fish was introduced as a Syracuse native and “hometown boy”. Before Alumni Blues, Trey dedicated the song to that day’s Syracuse University graduates. Possum contained teases of the Andy Griffith Theme aka The Fishin’ Hole. The hi-hat introduction to David Bowie included teases of Take The ‘A’ Train and Split Open And Melt. After David Bowie, Trey announced that the “tape is available that we just released”, speaking about the original “Junta” cassette released the previous week. Suzy Greenberg contained teases of The Flintstones Theme. Before If I Only Had A Brain, Fish said “here I am in front of my whole high school thoroughly embarrassed.” He later dropped a line of lyrics and unabashedly shouted out “something about a dingleberry”.