Phish - 1990

Cotton Club
Atlanta, GA, United States map

Set List

Set I

Set II

Show Notes

The setlist for this show was created by combining a set I source from the archives with a circulating fan recording of set II. Before starting Take The ‘A’ Train, Trey introduced “Paul Languedoc, fine luthier”. Trey dedicated Colonel Forbin’s Ascent “to The Colonel (Bruce Hampton)…a great humanitarian, a great man and my best friend for 25 years.” The rowdy crowd, mostly still new to Phish, was calling for “Cheeseburger” in an attempt to request I Didn’t Know. This led to the 1st known performance of the Cheeseburger Rap during which Trey and Fish broke into vocal play on “hamburger, cheeseburger, baconburger, cheeseburger”. Colonel Forbin’s Ascent had a variety of funny lyrics substitutions of Col. (Bruce) Hampton in place of Col. Forbin. Bouncing Around The Room was played by by audience request. During the beginning of set II, Phish was joined by their friend from The Aquarium Rescue Unit, Reverend Jeff Mosier on banjo. Mosier sat in for Rocky Top, Uncle Pen and Run Like An Antelope. ARU bassist Oteil Burbridge also joined in for Antelope. When Fish left his drum kit to sing Terrapin, the boisterous crowd started chanting for Fee. Fish tried to explain that he doesn’t sing Fee, but made a brief attempt at it anyway when the band started the song. They quickly aborted and performed Terrapin as planned.