Phish - 1990

The Ranch
Shelburne, VT, United States map

Set List

Set I

Show Notes

This was the second show of summer – a party at The Ranch which, at this time, was inhabited by Amy Harris, Barb Weisinger and possibly Chris Sherrin and Ian McLean. It was an unannounced 3-set gig that, due to some antics by a friend of Connie Condon, was dubbed the “I’ve fallen and I can’t come down” show. The setlist was reported by Eric Larson and the date may be uncertain, as are the order and sets of the songs listed. This was the last Phish show at The Ranch. If the limited setlist is correct, this show featured the 1st known performances of L.A. Woman (The Doors cover) and Minute By Minute (Doobie Brothers cover). Six days later on 9/8/90, the entire band sat in with Blues Traveler at The Front in Burlington for Gotta Get Mean, > Gloria, > Jam, > Gotta Get Mean. This is thought to have been their first sit-in with Blues Traveler and ultimately led to the composition of Don’t Get Me Wrong with John Popper (see 10/6/90).