Phish - 1990

The 23 East Cabaret
Ardmore, PA, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This show, the second gig of a 2-night stand at 23 East, took place on St. Patrick’s Day. The Introductions before each set featured Pierre Robert aka Peter Roberts, a local DJ at WMMR, introducing the band for “Psychedelic Tuesday”. Donna Lee was introduced as “Donna McLee”. The start of set II marked the second known performance of Killer Joe, which ensued due to technical difficulties (namely no guitar). Killer Joe was essentially a jam over which Fish repeated the words “Killer Joe”. You Enjoy Myself featured a Frankenstein jam and Good Times Bad Times included teases of Heartbreaker (Led Zeppelin cover). Page noted that Good Times Bad Times was the “last Northeast song” before the band departed on a five week midwestern tour followed by a southern tour. Before Good Times, Trey said “we’re going to kick it out a little bit here, because we’re psyched to.”