Phish - 1990

8X10 Club
Baltimore, MD, United States map

Set List

Sound Check

Set I

Set II

Show Notes

This was the band’s second and last show at the 8X10 club. Before My Sweet One, Trey said “we’re going to do one our drummer wrote…Phil Collins everyone!” The David Bowie intro included Tweezer teases which led to a brief Tweezer Jam. This show featured the 1st known performance of the original Rift, which had the final lyrics but a different arrangement. Before Rift, Trey mentioned that it was a brand new song that had never been heard before. Fish said to listen carefully to the words – “it’s all about the words”. Trey mentioned an experimental night down at the cosmic deadhead Sunday while encouraging the audience to “noodle dance”. A short jam on the Jeopardy! Theme preceded Reba. McGrupp And The Watchful Hosemasters was dedicated to the crew with banter about the merchandise table. Fluffhead was referred to as “Lunkhead” and was dedicated to Paul “Roots” Languedoc’s head, specifically his new haircut. Jessica (Allman Brothers Band cover) played at the soundcheck was the 1st known performance of the song.