Phish - 1990

Fly Me To The Moon Saloon
Telluride, CO, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This venue was listed in the March/April 1990 Phish Update as The Zephyr Club in Salt Lake City but instead this was the second show of a 2-night stand in Telluride. After a shouted request by old friend and taper Mike Lynch, Mike Gordon stated “this is a request for the man in the front row.” It is possible that The Oh Kee Pa Ceremony segued into something other than Caravan but the circulating tapes cut during Oh Kee Pa. After Ya Mar, somebody in the audience requested Melt The Guns to no avail. During Love You, Mike introduced Fish as Warren Stickney (owner of the Roma who originally made Phish “Vermont’s Most Naive Band” in 1988). For some reason after Love You, Trey began an annoying, loud laugh. This rendition of Tweezer included a Dave’s Energy Guide jam. After the song, Trey announced “that was, of course, Tweezer So Cold.” This setlist was compiled from various fan sources as well as notes from Mike Lynch.