Phish - 1990

Toad’s Place
New Haven, CT, United States map

Set List


Set I

Set II

Show Notes

This was Phish’s second show at Toad’s Place.  Rift from the soundcheck was the original arrangement.  Widespread Panic opened.  Fish called Tweezer (the 9th ever performed) “The Tweezer Song.”  Trey dedicated Reba to “our friends in Widespread Panic” and thanked them again before the second and last performance of Jägermeister.  Trey called Harry Hood “a little ditty about milk.”  Before Terrapin, Fish announced he was going to “turn in” his dress soon as somebody was making him “Zero Man”.   He also announced his new vacuum cleaner, The Viking.  Venue management stopped the band in the middle of You Enjoy Myself so there was no vocal jam.  Instead Trey jumped off the stage during the trampolines segment.  After one round of “Wash Uffizi”, they stopped the song, apologized for running long and asked the crowd to help out by exiting quickly.