Phish - 1990

Mabel Brown Room, Keene State College
Keene, NH, United States map

Set List

Show Notes

This was Phish’s second and last show in the Mabel Brown Room. The gig was not listed in the January/February 1990 Phish Update. Tickets cost $7 and, while this was scheduled to be a full show, it ended up being a 1-set gig. While Phish played upstairs, their friends Lambsbread from Vermont were playing downstairs causing an odiferous combination. Reportedly the police were especially aggressive during this gig. Bob Smith delivered the introduction at the beginning of set I. Caravan included a tease of Magilla (half a year before its debut). David Bowie included teases of Mike’s Song and shout-out’s to Trey’s dog, Marley. The taper of the only circulating recording of this show was arrested at setbreak for smoking. Luckily he was friends with band manager John Paluska, who bailed him out of jail. Meanwhile, somebody apparently pulled the fire alarm (or the aforementioned copious smoking set it off) so set II of the Phish and Lambsbread shows were both cancelled by campus authorities and the Fire Marshall. The union building that that housed this venue was torn down sometime after this show took place.